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Home Insurance


Home Insurance

When it comes to protecting your biggest investment, homeowner’s insurance is an absolute must. Mortgage providers require homeowners’ insurance for a reason…

Finding the best homeowners insurance for you is our specialty at Aguilar Insurance Associates. As a fully independent insurance provider, we can help you get the best homeowner’s policy for your home, rental, or other property that will cover your biggest concerns, and at a great rate.

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The Best TYpes of Homeowners Coverage

Homeowners insurance is a type of property insurance that covers damage to your home and personal belongings from events like theft, fire, weather damage, and more.

The purpose of homeowners insurance is to provide financial protection in the event of a covered loss, critical to avoiding costs upwards of tens of thousands of dollars from many of the most common sources of damage.

Homeowners insurance typically provides coverage for the structure of the home, personal belongings in and around the home, liability protection from other people being injured on your property, and living expenses if the home is damaged to the point where you can no longer live there (temporarily). The types of coverage available depend on the type of policy and the specific insurance company, but homeowners insurance generally includes:

Dwelling Coverage

This covers damage to the physical structure of the home and usually covers attached garages, detached garages, and sheds. For some properties, like small farms or those with larger out-buildings and more acreage, you may need a farmowners policy, which covers a wider variety of damages and property types.

Personal Property Coverage

This covers the cost of replacing personal belongings that are damaged or stolen, including vehicles and property in garages or sheds.

Liability Coverage

This covers liability for accidents or injuries that occur on the property and involve other people or other people's property.

Additional Living Expenses

This covers the cost of additional living expenses incurred due to a covered loss.

Houston’s Favorite Independent Home Insurance Company

At Aguilar Insurance Company, we take pride in being fully independent, meaning we can sell and provide property insurance from a number of insurance carriers. That means a variety of benefits for people like you.

More Competitive Rates

Independent insurance groups have the flexibility to offer competitive rates as we’re not tied to any particular insurance company, which allows us to shop around for the best prices and coverage for our customers.

Personalized Service

Aguilar provides a personal touch for our customers, as we’re not tied to a large corporate structure. In fact, we’ve been family owned and operated for more than twenty years, and we love to provide tailored coverage and advice from our familia to yours!

Choice of Products

Aguilar offers a wide range of homeowners insurance products to meet the unique needs of our customers. Because we have such a variety of options, we can help customers choose the right coverage for their needs – nothing more and nothing less.


Independent insurance groups like ours are generally a later decision in insurance providers’ careers. Having spent years in the industry, we recognized that going independent was the best way to give our customers the best solutions. With the depth of knowledge and experience seeing many types of damage and liabilities pop up, we have the expertise to get you just what you need.

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