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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance helps to protect you and your car against the financial losses and liability that can occur when you’re involved in an accident.

It can provide financial coverage for medical expenses, repairs to your car, liability for damage to another person’s vehicle or property, and more. In the state of Texas, auto insurance is also a legal requirement! Without auto insurance, state law prohibits you from driving a car on public roads.

We can help you find an affordable plan that will keep you and your family protected, and provide great coverage whatever happens.


Homeowners Insurance

When disaster strikes your home, are you prepared?

Homeowners insurance covers your private residence and most of the property inside and on the premises. It’s typically an all-in-one policy that covers both damage to the home and liability for any injuries and property damage caused by the owner or their family members. 

Homeowners insurance policies typically cover damage or loss caused by fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, and other natural disasters, and a good plan can also cover theft, vandalism, and other types of unexpected losses.

No matter the home or property, we can help you find a quality home insurance plan in Houston that will fit your budget.

Commercial Insurance

Whatever line of business you’re in, there are risks.

A vehicle collision could provide untold liabilities in the event that someone else is injured; your business property could be stolen or damaged; or you might face unexpected lawsuits from past or disgruntled customers.

Commercial insurance protects businesses from potential risks and losses. It’s designed to provide financial protection against losses caused by events that may occur during the course of normal business operations, and it can also help to protect businesses from losses due to unexpected events such as natural disasters, legal liabilities, employee injury, property damage or theft.

Commercial insurance policies may also cover loss of income and profits, as well as business interruption and more unexpected events like cyber liability, product liability and professional liability.

At Aguilar, we can help you find a commercial insurance plan that fits your business’ unique demands. Call today to learn more and get started.